Passion is
our guide

Do these values describe you properly?
Then you are in the right place!


Your goal is the team’s success and the client’s satisfaction.
You are open-minded and that helps you find the best ideas.
You make time to help colleagues.
You share information openly and proactively.


You learn rapidly and eagerly.
You like to give your contribution even when this is outside of your specialty.
You make connections that others miss.
You seek alternate efficient perspectives.


You make wise decisions even when you are under pressure.
You think strategically and you are able to foresee the different consequences of your actions.
You make decisions based on the long-term, not short-term.


You accomplish amazing amounts of important work.
You make your colleagues better.
You focus on results over process.


Innovation is your passion.
You re-conceptualize complex problems and find easy and simple ideas.
You thrive on change and this feeling inspires you.


You are known for your honesty, authenticity and transparency.
You admit mistakes freely and openly.
You treat people with respect independent of their status or disagreement with you.


You inspire others with your thirst for excellence.
You care intensely about our members and especially about your team‘s success.
You are tenacious and optimistic.
You are quietly confident and openly humble.

We are only looking for the best

We are looking for people with an innovative vision who want to get involved
to create a company which can change the status quo.
Always questioning everything that is assumed
and having a critical and constructive approach is at the basis of our group.

We don't want to fill the spaces with open positions,
but we want to find collaborators who want to share our mission.

V3 Team