Together for a
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Swiss Association for the Fanconi Anemia (ASAF)

Fanconi Anemia (FA) is a rare genetic disease resulting in impaired response to DNA damage. It occurs in about 1 per 160’000 births. Although it is a very rare disorder, studies of this and other bone marrow failure syndromes have improved scientific understanding of the mechanisms of normal bone marrow function and development of cancer. Among those affected, the majority develop cancer, most often acute myelogenous leukemia, and develop bone marrow failure (the inability to produce blood cells). About 60–75% of people have congenital defects, commonly short stature, abnormalities of the skin, arms, head, eyes, kidneys, and ears, and developmental disabilities. Nobel Prize Lee Hartwell and other scientists believe that FA research could be the key to understanding the biological processes of some forms of cancer creation. Therefore, defeating FA could lead to defeating different forms of cancer.
ASAF Lugano was created in 2014 with the following goals:
1) Promote support, assistance, and information to the patients and their families as well as the constant improvement of medical and sanitary assistance;
2) Create dialog between the patients (and their family) and the Local, National, and International medical and scientific community;
3) Promote medical and scientific research directly or indirectly linked to FA;
4) Create public opinion awareness on the disease and the human and psychological consequences that it entails;
5) Collect sufficient money in order to reach the above-mentioned goals;
6) With the money collected, support financially other associations with same or similar goals.

Our contribution:
For each project that we finish, we make a donation to ASAF and we offer our clients the ASAF keychain.